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Portraits of Rabbinic Women

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Many rebbetzins of the past were dynamic, Jewishly knowledgeable women who were invaluable partners to their rabbinic husbands. By Faigy Grunfeld Rebbetzin. A relatively modern word but a fairly… Read more

S.Y. Agnon & the Orthodox Reader

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The Torah shines particularly brightly in Agnon’s Buczacz stories, perhaps because of its lowly exilic surroundings, or perhaps because it is rooted in so many years of history and tradition. Agnon is… Read more

No Need For Forgiveness

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While the congregant spoke about the difficulty in finding meaning in a child’s death, a visitor sitting on an aisle seat in the men’s section spoke up. “We lost a soldier.” Read more


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Children of Divorce Your article on the effects of divorce on children was informative [“The Scars of Divorce” by Tzippora Price, spring 2017]. I am a psychologist in private practice and have treated… Read more