Steve Lipman

Steve Lipman is a staff writer for the Jewish Week in New York.

Rick Hodes

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Dr. Rick Hodes, an Orthodox Jew who lives in Addis Abeba, examines a young Ethiopian boy. Courtesy of JDC From outside, the medical clinic of the Mother Teresa mission in Addis Abeba looks like a… Read more

Achdut on the Field

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The umpire didn’t have to call “Game suspended” when a few dozen Orthodox men playing softball on a Catskills field a few years ago heard a child screaming. Down the road, at a Jewish bungalow colony… Read more

Chronic Humor

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Nearly twenty years ago, Jay Feinberg, a foreign-exchange analyst in Manhattan, had a serious illness, and Lorraine Weiss, an educational coordinator in Brooklyn, had a quandary. Feinberg, at… Read more

Leaving Egypt in Romania

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It was the first night of Pesach, and on a holiday that celebrates questions, I began by asking one. “Where are we tonight?” We were 150 people, participants in a communal Seder I led last year in… Read more

The Art of Leading a Seder

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Participating in a Seder comes naturally to those who grew up in observant families or who had the benefit of a Jewish day school education. But what about ba’alei teshuvah or those who don’t have an… Read more