Please Help Us Provide Emotional Support for the Victims of the Israel Fires

by | in Israel

In the past weeks across Israel, over 80,000 people were evacuated from their homes due to over 1,700 fires. Fires have raged through cities and villages, destroying close to 600 homes, schools and Yeshivot.

The OU is organizing an Israel Emergency Campaign to assist those affected by these tragic events. The Israeli government is committed to compensating families for damage to their homes and household items. Our first priority is to ensure these needs have been met adequately. Yet, there are other areas that need to be addressed.  Based on our past experiences with other tragedies, the funds raised in this campaign are being used for post-trauma therapy once we are certain that essential physical needs have been addressed. We are providing communities and individuals with trauma therapy workshops and individual counseling, as well as other vital needs not being met.

We at the OU stand with all of our brothers and sisters. Your contribution to this emergency campaign will enable us to help thousands of people.

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