When COVID-19 effectively destroyed all summer plans (among other things) for thousands of teens and their parents, the OU swung into action.

Project Community 2020 (PC20) brought enriching and fulfilling programs to over 4,400 teens, college students, and Yachad members across more than 30 cities in the United States and Canada, keeping these young people productive and engaged in otherwise difficult times. Launched on July 6, in partnership with the OU’s NCSY, Yachad, OU-JLIC and Teach Coalition, PC20 activities — operated within local safety guidelines — included recreation, Jewish learning, and volunteer experiences that contributed to local communities. PC20 participants assisted the elderly, rebuilt homes with Habitat for Humanity, worked with individuals with disabilities and their families, helped single parent households, and showed appreciation to healthcare heroes on the front lines.

Teens took part in virtual and in-person learning as well in the Teach Coalition’s Advocacy Fellowship, where they helped local “Get Out the Vote” campaigns in their communities. College students became mentors and advisors to teens both individually and collectively

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