Providing Kosher Food to Jews in Need

Kosher Food Lifeline (KFL) helps over 200 food agencies in 24 states provide food for those in need. By streamlining processes for kosher food agencies throughout the country, KFL has unified kosher pantries, including Tomchei Shabbos and bikur cholim, in the mission of ensuring that food is not wasted and that families and individuals in need have access to nutritious, kosher food.

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Photo on left: We can’t thank you enough for your help providing this much needed food. - Jewish Family Service of Dallas.
Photo on right: Volunteers pick up food at kosher pantries and help deliver it to those who need it most.
Pounds of food distributed to 53 food pantries on Passover
Families received food for Passover through Kosher Food Lifeline
Worth of food donations from manufacturers distributed to kosher food pantries throughout the United States.

Supporting Kosher Pantries

Celebrating Freedom from Food Insecurity

Kosher Food Lifeline addresses the needs of kosher food pantries on a national scale. Local programs are run by hard-working volunteers with limited resources. Supporting the needs of kosher pantries is a priority of the program. By working together we can ensure that our community’s needs are met.

All Who Are Hungry

In 2022, KFL helped over 18,000 Jewish families experience the joy of Passover by supplying them with kosher-for-Passover food. This initiative was made possible thanks to the OU Maot Chittim campaign. KFL purchased approximately $200,000 of Passover food products from Kedem at highly discounted rates and distributed the food through 53 pantries in advance of Passover.

Pantries across the United States packaged food for the needy in advance of Passover.