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Jewish Holidays

Getting the Most Out of Yom Kippur

October 4, 2011, by

On Yom Kippur God comes down & says: “I am acceptable, Meet Me halfway”. 3 reasons why it is so hard to meet God halfway & how we can take advantage of this.

Haftorahman: Haftarah for Shabbat Shuva

October 1, 2011, by

The haftarah for the Shabbat between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur focuses on teshuva. God tells us to return to Him, we strayed, so it’s up to us. Haftorahman brings you a shiur on this Shabbat’s Haftarah from the Book of Prophets, explaining it in a dynamic and exciting way, making learning the Haftarah a […]

Seek Hashem When He is to be Found

September 20, 2011, by

Even though repentance and petition are always appropriate, during the ten days between Rosh HaShanah and Yom HaKipurim it is even more appropriate and it is accepted immediately, as it is stated: Seek Hashem when He is to be found…. Yom HaKipurim is the time for repentance for the individual and for the congregation. It […]

Yom Kippur 5771: Torah Tidbits Audio

September 16, 2010, by

Phil Chernofsky presents Torah Tidbits audio for Yom Kippur 5771 with a discussion of the basic laws of Yom Kippur including the 5 restrictions, Kol Nidrei, and the section of Mussaf where we recount the special avodah – temple service – performed on Yom Kippur

Why Tefilah Doesn’t Mean Prayer: Redefining our Relationship with God

September 15, 2010, by

What’s the nature of tefillah (prayer) – are we trying to change God’s mind? How does God’s midat harachamim (attribute of mercy) work – why isn’t it a perversion of justice? 5 terms for tefillah. Presented by Rabbi Steven Weil. Recorded Live at The Orthodox Union World Headquarters, NY, NY on September 14, 2010. Click here for […]

Laws and Customs of Erev Yom Kippur

September 14, 2010, by

The day before Yom Kippur is considered to be a quasi-festival day. Traditionally, “all who eat on the ninth are considered to have fasted on the ninth AND the tenth.” It is thus a mitzvah to eat and drink Erev Yom Kippur. This both gives us strength for the fast and substitutes for the usual […]

Yom Kippur: A Day of Atonement?

September 14, 2010, by

Is the ‘Day of ATONEMENT‘ a precise translation for YOM KIPPUR? The word ‘atonement’ implies amends for a certain wrongdoing. In this sense, the ‘Day of Atonement’ implies expiation for transgressions which may have been committed over the course of the previous year. However, in Chumash we find numerous instances in which the word “kippurim” […]

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