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Jewish Holidays

Haftorahman: Yom Kippur Morning

September 23, 2012, by

Haftorahman brings you a shiur on this Shabbat’s Haftarah from the Book of Prophets, explaining it in a dynamic and exciting way, making learning the Haftorah a fun and enlightening experience each and every week. Download the source sheet.

Tzedakah’s Role in the Teshuvah Process

September 21, 2012, by

Among the characteristics of repentance is for the repentant individual to constantly call out before Hashem tearfully and with petitions. One should give charity according to one’s capacity. One should distance oneself from one’s sinful behavior… (Maimonides, Laws of Repentance 2:4) 1. Behaviors associated with teshuvah Maimonides explains that the process of teshuvah – repentance […]

Honesty: For the Sin We Committed Before You with Verbal Confession

September 6, 2012, by

“For the sin we committed before You with verbal confession.” We are always apologizing. New research contends that most of us apologize about four times a week. We say sorry all of the time. Reading the findings might lead us to believe that as people we are honest, generally contrite, humble, able to confront our […]

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