Yom Ha’atzmaut: Blue & White (Cookies) Are My Colors

April 23, 2009, by

“…כחול ולבן הצבע שלי” Blue and white are my colors (and what’s black & white anyway?!), and I’m just seeing one star. So how about some Hummus, eggplant dip, pita crackers and blue & white cookies for a Yom Ha’atzmaut treat. Tamar Ansh is an author, freelance recipe developer, and food columnist. Her articles have […]

Yom Ha’atzmaut: The Flavors of Freedom

April 22, 2009, by

I wonder what there is about celebrating a national independence day that makes us all want to cook outside! In Israel, grilled and barbecued meats and poultry are as popular for Yom Ha’atzmaut as they are for American Fourth of July menus. It must be that the pleasure of cooking outdoors, enjoying the warmth of […]

Yom Ha’atzmaut: A Gastronomic Celebration

April 21, 2009, by

Jews in America, and the world over, celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut (this year on Wednesday, April 29, 2009), which marks Israel’s birth as an independent, free nation. This year Israel will be 61 years old! With the creation of the State of Israel we finally have a place we can call home, a bulwark that stands […]


May 1, 2008, by

View Slideshow Yom Ha’atzmaut is here and Israel is celebrating 60 years – 60 years of growth, of change, of tears and joy, destruction and rebuilding; 60 years of hope. A number of photographers were asked to submit photos which for them, capture the essence of Israel. Kevin Unger gives a broad and encompassing view. […]

20 Things I Love About Israel

September 25, 2007, by

1. Being able to speak to G-d on a local call. There is simply no place in the world, with the palpable sanctity of the Kotel, Home of G-d. 2. The fact that Israel, like G-d, gives the Right of Return to all Jews regardless of background, denomination, race, ethnicity, or economic strata. 3. The […]

From Ruin to Renewal

June 26, 2006, by

The period of time beginning the second night of Pesach and climaxing forty-nine full days later with the Festival of Shavuot can be called a time of “Ruin and Renewal” for the Jewish People.

This – My Land, My People, My State

May 5, 2006, by

Yaffa Ganz © 2006 There are those who say the present state of the Israeli State is not enough. Enough? I say. Nothing man has is ever enough. There are those who say that patriotism for the Jewish State is not eminently respectable nowadays. Faulty, unstable, imperfect, this is not the State we hoped for. […]