Jewish Holidays

Esther’s Story- A Matter of Will

March 11, 2006, by

The Megillah is a story of the Jewish people…but the Megillah is also the story or Esther the individual…Esther sent a message to the sages of her generation and said “Establish me for generations”….

Purim Shtick

March 9, 2006, by

Get into the Purim spirit with Meish Goldish, comedic star of the Young Israel of Flatbush and Nevele Hotel.

The Entire Story of Purim

March 9, 2006, by

The Entire Story of Purim- Purim centers around appreciating Hashem’s hand in the survival of the Jews of Shushan. Most of us know bits and pieces of the Purim story but fail to appreciate how each of the episodes interrelate to understand how miraculous the story of Purim really was.

Esther: the Secret to Greatness

March 9, 2006, by

Esther: the Secret to Greatness – arguably the most significant character in the story of Purim was Esther. Who was Esther and what was her secret in rising from a quiet girl that just listened to whatever Mordechai said, to a powerful heroine that took on Haman and Achasheveros to save the Jews from their […]