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Jewish Holidays

“I Saw Anne Frank Die”

February 4, 2012, by

At the age of 100, remembering the horrors of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp BY IRMA SONNENBERG MENKEL As Printed in July 21, 1997 Edition of Newsweek© Magazine I TURNED 100 YEARS OLD IN APRIL AND HAD A BEAUTIFUL birthday party surrounded by my grandchildren, great grandchildren and other family members. I even danced a little. Willard […]

Chesed and Yirah: The Two Pathways to Loving our Fellow Jews

July 28, 2011, by

In the Sefer Yereim from Rebbe Eliezer Mi’mitz on the mitzvah of “Vahavtah L’reyacha Kamocha” he teaches us an amazing insight into this enormously important mitzvah. He writes as follows: “And you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself for I am Hashem”, He then proceeds to explain the verse as follows. “The mitzvah […]

You Just Never Know…

July 19, 2011, by

Adapted for this series from Rabbi Yaacov Haber’s “REACHINGS” Rav Gifter, the great Rosh Yeshiva of the Telz Yeshiva in Cleveland, flew one day, with a number of his students, to a wedding in Baltimore. They had to change planes in some city on the way to Baltimore. While they were waiting at the airport […]

The Love of Brothers

July 19, 2011, by

Adapted for this series from Rabbi Yaacov Haber’s “REACHINGS” Short Story: Two brothers lived on two sides of a mountain. One was rich but had no children, one had many children but was very poor. The rich brother thought, I have so much my brother has so little, let me secretly cross the mountain in […]

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