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Jewish Holidays

Three Weeks 7: Nero’s Test

August 1, 2016, by

Previous: Deadly Humility Nero, the Roman general, deserted rather than destroy the temple, why is this anecdote important to the story? Why did he ask a child what pasuk he was learning? Next: Unraveling Our Three Strands

Three Weeks 6: Deadly Humility

August 1, 2016, by

Previous: Jerusalem, the International City What does it mean that R’ Zechariah’s humility caused the destruction of the temple? What role does humility play in the story of the churban? Next: Nero’s Test

Three Weeks 3: Kamtza & Bar Kamtza

July 22, 2016, by

  Previous: The Triple Blessing of the Holy Land The Maharal asks: why is it called the story of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza – Kamtza is the one person who didn’t do anything wrong! Next: Jerusalem vs. Sinat Chinam

Halacha L’Maaseh on The Three Weeks and Tish’a B’Av

July 13, 2015, by

Three Weeks: Three Stages of Mourning Before Tish’a b’Av we are in a type of mourning so the laws are similar to mourning for a parent. There are three stages: The “Three Weeks”: The least severe stage starts three weeks preceding the Ninth of Av The “Nine Days”: The next-most severe stage begins on Rosh […]

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