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Jewish Holidays

Sukkot: Time of Rejoicing

October 11, 2011, by

To what historical event are we referring when we call Sukkot “Z’man Simchateinu” – the time of our joy? Why is it celebrated at this time of year?

Sukkot, Simchat Torah and “Zot HaTorah”

October 4, 2010, by

Understanding the joy associated with Sukkot, Simchat Torah and “Zot HaTorah” – “This Torah”. In one of the piyutim for Simchat Torah we refer to the Torah as “Zot HaTorah”. An exploration of what the phrase means based on the 2 places in the Torah where the phrase is used.

Sukkot in the Cycle of Festivals

September 19, 2010, by

I. Towards the end of the “cycle of the festivals”, as presented in parashat Emor, we are faced with a difficulty. The portion itself follows chronological order: First it deals with Shabbat, and then the order of festivals, starting with Pesach (since Nisan serves as the beginning of the year for the Regalim [Rosh Hashana […]

The Inner Meaning of the Four Species

September 19, 2010, by

At face value, the mitzvah of “Taking the Four Species” begs explanation. On the one hand, Halacha stipulates that once a person has lifted the Species (for the sake of performing the mitzvah), he has fulfilled his obligation (Sukkah 42a). On the other hand, after lifting the Species, one should wave them right away, as […]

Ushpizin: the Royal Guests

September 19, 2010, by

The “Ushpizin,” The Seven Guests On Pesach, at the Seder, we express the idea that “In every generation, each person is obligated to see himself as if he were one of the redeemed Jewish slaves.” Similarly, on Sukkot, as we sit and enjoy the festive meals, we are privileged to have as our company seven […]

Understanding Yom Tov Sheni

September 12, 2010, by

Whether you’ll be traveling from chutz la’Aretz to Eretz Yisrael or visa versa, you’ll surely benefit from Rabbi Fried’s thoughtful review of the halachos that pertain to the second day of Yom Tov.

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