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Jewish Holidays

39 Melachot: Melacha #3 – Kotzer (Reaping)

April 29, 2013, by

Kotzer (reaping) is the third of the 11 agricultural labors used in constructing the Mishkan. The melacha of kotzer involves detaching a growing thing from its source of nourishment. (“A growing thing” is usually plant life or vegetation, but not exclusively.) Harvesting wheat, apple-picking and weeding the front lawn are all examples of kotzeir. Picking […]

Shabbat Shirah: The Shabbat of Song

February 13, 2013, by

The Shabbat on which the Parsha of Beshalach is read is called Shabbat Shira, because it contains the song sung by Israel after the splitting of the Red Sea. Moshe and the people of Israel sang this song in perfect faith. They sang not because of the impact and impression of the miracles they had […]

Seudah Shlishit (Shalosh Seudot)

July 17, 2006, by

One of the elements of ONEG SHABBAT is to have (and enjoy) three meals on Shabbat. This idea is linked to the pasuk from this week’s sedra (16:25): “And Moshe said: Eat it (the Manna) today, for today is Shabbat to G-d; today you will not find it in the field.” The threefold use of […]

Remember the Day of Shabbat: Dayan I. Grunfeld

July 17, 2006, by

“I have a precious gift in my treasury,” said G-d to Moshe; “Shabbat is its name; go and tell Israel I wish to present it to them.” (Masechet Shabbat 10b) “A semblance of the World-to-Come is the Day of Shabbat.” (Shabbat Zemirot) Material in this section is abstracted, with permission, from “The Sabbath,” by Dayan […]

Protect the Day of Shabbat: Dayan I. Grunfeld

July 17, 2006, by

“Whoever is careful with the observance of Shabbat, will be forgiven for all his sins, even idolatry” (Masechet Shabbat 118b) “If the Children of Israel would observe one Shabbat properly, the Mashiach would immediately come” (Yerushalmi Taanit 1,1) Importance of Melacha Prohibition Dayan Grunfeld explains the importance of the prohibition of Melacha on Shabbat: “We […]

The 39 Categories of Sabbath Work Prohibited By Law

July 17, 2006, by

The Virtual Reader will note that there are “Notes” attached to many, if not all, the definitions of particular “melachot.” This entire chapter is taken, with permission, from the book “SABBATH Day of Eternity” by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan (available separately, or included in the “The Aryeh Kaplan Anthology II,” published by the NCSY (National Conference […]

The Concept of Melacha

July 17, 2006, by

The concept of “Melacha,” activity which is prohibited to a Jew on the Day of Shabbat, as noted in the Overview to Shabbat Section, means purposeful, creative interactions with nature. Let us explore some additional implications of the term “Melacha.” The idea of being purposeful, in this context, implies that that the act in question, […]

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