This Purim, Flip Your Lid

February 26, 2009, by

Purim this year is Tuesday, March 10 (or March 11 in Jerusalem). I have a great idea for your costume. It’s really easy, it’s very inexpensive, it takes under three seconds to prepare and it will go incredible, incredible lengths to promote Jewish unity. So what’s the idea? Flip your lids. Swap your tops. This […]

Revealing The Hidden

February 25, 2009, by

Revealing The Hidden -The link between Purim and Yom Kippurim. Presented by Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Director of Kosher Education and host of “The Good Vort” on Recorded live at OU World Headquarters NY, NY February 25, 2009.

Cumin-Scented Chickpeas

February 25, 2009, by

Plainly boiled chickpeas appear on many Purim menus but I prefer this zesty North African dish, in which cumin and garlic give the beans an enticing aroma. If you like, serve a few cucumber slices on the side for a refreshing accent. This is a very simple recipe if you have already cooked chickpeas or […]

Purim – The Poppy Seed Connection

February 25, 2009, by

During my years at elementary school at the Hebrew Academy of Washington, DC, I learned that the holiday of Purim commemorates the heroism of Esther, the Jewish wife of the king of Persia. She courageously saved the Jewish community from extermination plotted by the king’s wicked advisor Haman, who makes Jaffar in Disney’s movie “Aladdin” […]

Purim: Fresh Ideas for Mishloach Manot

February 25, 2009, by

Say the word Purim and most of us think “hamantashen.” Nothing wrong with that, both metaphorically and gastronomically. The idea of eating Haman’s hat is a delicious one: not only for the symbolic destruction of an ancient enemy who sought to destroy the Jews, but the pleasure of the soft, three cornered cookie stuffed with […]

Secrets For a Simply Delicious Purim Seuda

February 19, 2009, by

Preparing for a Purim Seuda is always a challenge, especially when you’re preparing for a large crowd. So many people, so little time! I received the following request a few days ago from one of our readers: “I have taken it upon myself to make a Purim Seuda for 40 people BE”H. I’ve never done […]


February 19, 2009, by

Hamantaschen (literally, “Haman’s Pockets”) are an age-old pastry that remind us of the Purim miracle. Sara’s family makes this recipe year after year on Purim and it consistently yields fantastic results. 1/2 cup margarine 2/3 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 eggs 2 1/2 cups flour (part whole wheat flour may be used) 2 […]

Maybe Next Purim

February 19, 2009, by

Every year around this time I begin to look at my children appraisingly. I assess them, like a census taker for gender, height, weight and coloring. Then, armed only with a pen and a pad and the workings of my agitated mind, I sit alone in a room and think. I am thinking, of course, […]

Every Day Purim – Every Night Kippurim

June 29, 2008, by

THE BA’ALEI HAKABALAH discovered mystical associations and parallels between Purim and Yom Kippurim. The initial kaf in Kippurim indicates that Yom Kippurim is a “day like Purim,” What a strange association! To think that the awesome Yom Kippur is in any way similar to the joyous and boisterous Purim! To imagine that the most solemn […]