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Jewish Holidays

Lessons from Achashverosh

February 17, 2013, by

And it was in the days of Achashverosh – the Achashverosh who ruled from Hodu to Kush – one hundred and twenty provinces. (Megilat Esther 1:1) 1.     The messages of the Megilah story The story related in Megilat Esther is constructed around the interplay between four personalities.  Mordechai and Esther are the hero and […]

Rabbi Taub: Purim, Hallel, & Kabbalat HaTorah

February 17, 2013, by

The miracles we celebrate on other holidays were overt miracles, therefore we say Hallel on those days. Purim, on the other hand, was a hidden miracle and therefore we say a hidden “Hallel” (i.e. Megillat Esther). Purim as a day of kabbalat HaTorah.

When Ignorance is Bliss

February 17, 2013, by

We Jews have been accused of many things over the centuries but not valuing knowledge, and not striving to distinguish between good and evil have not been amongst them.  The rabbis devoted a great deal of their energy and thought to highlight the contrasts in life, specifically between right and wrong, good and evil.  Our […]

Purim: Lifting The Veil and Uncovering The Mask

March 8, 2012, by

The word olam (world) is from he’elam – hidden. This because God can be found everywhere in the world but is hidden – we have to look for Him. Purim demonstrates God’s hidden hand in everyday life. The latest episode of The Good Vort, presented by Rabbi Yosef Grossman.

Purim: The Religious Significance of a Flat Tire

March 7, 2012, by

When Esther takes the 1st step to save the Jews is when God began the redemption process just like when I took the first step towards fixing my own flat. Parshat Hashavua from Yerushalayim presented by Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold. Recorded at the Avrom Silver Jerusalem College for Adults.

The OU’s Ot Yomit

March 2, 2012, by

Learn Ot Yomit (Ois Yoimis) with the Orthodox Union First It was Daf Yomi, then Nach Yomi; OU Webcast of New Torah Learning Cycle Begins Purim. Torah is for every Jew; make it yours with Ot Yomit online. We look forward to learning with you! See Rabbi Weinreb’s introduction to the OU’s Ot Yomit here! […]

Parshat Tzav 5771: Torah Tidbits Audio

March 17, 2011, by

How did Esther have authority to ask the Jews to fast on Pesach? Why does Esther phrase her request as fast “on me” similar to the way Rivka says to Yaakov that the curse will be “on me” (if Yitzchak finds out it’s Yaakov trying to steal the blessing)?

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