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Jewish Holidays

Megillat Esther Part 3: V’Nahafoch Hu

March 10, 2016, by

The whole theme of Purim is everything being turned upside down (v’nahafoch hu). It’s not that Haman wasn’t wrong in assessing Adar as a good month for his scheme. For part 1 click here. For part 2 click here. For part 4 click here. For part 5 click here.

Megillat Esther Part 1: Introduction

March 10, 2016, by

The Gemara says that in the future, all the books in Tanach will be “batel” except the 5 books of the Torah and Esther. What is so significant about the megillah? For part 2 click here. For part 3 click here. For part 4 click here. For part 5 click here.

Shushan Purim Katan

February 24, 2016, by

The message of Shushan Purim is that we aim not just to survive, but also to move the world forward for tomorrow. This is the deeper message behind Esther’s request for a second day for the residents of Shushan to fight their enemies.

Megillas Esther “Playbill”

February 16, 2016, by

Download PDF Summary Following the destruction of the First Temple, the Jews were exiled from Israel. This exile was prophesied to last 70 years, but both the Jewish people and the Persian King Achashverosh miscalculated. Assuming that the 70 years had passed and God had forgotten the Jewish people, King Achashverosh threw a lavish party […]

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