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Jewish Holidays

Purim 5771: Part I (Esther Wein)

March 12, 2011, by

Purim as the only chag of the End of Days. The megillah is chronologically the last book in Tanach since it its culmination just as Pesach is the beginning. That is why Purim & Pesach are juxtaposed. For part 2 click here For part 3 click here

The Art of Being Happy

February 17, 2011, by

The megillah is full of sad people who don’t know what to do with their sadness. When a woman is happy her whole house is happy. How do we make the members of our household happy?

Layehudim Hayta Oorah

February 25, 2010, by

The Light That Comes From Hester Panim: What does the phrase “the Jews had light” mean? Why is there a mitzvah to drink until one doesn’t know the difference between Baruch Mordechai & Arur Haman?

Purim and Yom Kippur: An Odd Couple?

February 24, 2010, by

On their face, there could not be two more unlikely holidays to wed than Yom Kippur and Purim. Even the youngest child knows that Purim is a holiday meant for fun and celebration, for costumes and parties. Yom Kippur, on the other hand, is the most solemn day of the Jewish calendar, calling on us […]

Diabetes Myths and Realities and a Beef Skillet Supper

March 17, 2009, by

So many of us are touched by diabetes – either through friends, families or ourselves. Wherever I go to promote my latest book Mix ‘n’ Match Meals in Minutes for People with Diabetes, I hear my father has diabetes or my sister or I’ve just become pre-diabetic. When I saw these latest statistics from the […]

A Letter Is Worth…

March 12, 2009, by

By Abba Richman Purim music streaming from the truck, they drove from base to base delivering Mishloach Manot. As they pulled out, soldiers poured out of the buildings. There was singing, there was dancing, there were huge smiles all around. Many of the soldiers we visited fought in Gaza, and the mishloach manot were a […]

G-d-like on Purim

March 9, 2009, by

Why is Purim different than all other holidays? Rav Hutner explains what makes Purim different and why it will always be celebrated, even when Moshiach comes. How we can be compared to Hashem on Purim. Presented by Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Director of Kosher Education and host of “The Good Vort” on OURadio.org. Recorded live […]

Rabbi Yaacov Haber – Purim

March 8, 2009, by

At some point in every person’s life, G-d grants them a prophecy: a vision of himself or herself as the greatest individual they can become. In Kabbalistic language this is referred to as isarusa dleyla or an awakening from above. This prophecy is not a result of the toil of man but rather a gift […]

Purim L’Netzach: Purim is Forever

March 5, 2009, by

Esther represents the miracles of the end of days. The Gemara says all holidays will cease besides Purim. What is the association between Pesach and Purim? Understanding the difference between discovery and recognition; Why Purim is forever. Esther Wein’s new shiur for Purim.

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