A Purim Parade of Characters

March 2, 2009

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Purim is almost here. And what should I be?! Should I dress up as something from the past, or something of the future, mustard and ketchup, a clown, a princess, something just for fun? A parade of characters just in time for Purim.

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Artist’s Statement: There is nothing to be invented in the visual world, it’s all there. I don’t photograph glorious sunsets, flowers, animals and beautiful things (or people). I find myself again and again looking at ordinary everyday objects, at garbage, at the man in the street, looking at things really close up and trying to find beauty in their colour and form. Sometimes I find that beauty, more often I don’t. Now and then I am satisfied with what I have photographed, occasionally very satisfied and sometimes… well, I just start again and continue looking. In my search I thank God for giving me the eyes to see.

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