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Jewish Holidays

The Art of Preparation

March 30, 2015, by

A thing without its place is lost. This is true of trivial things from computer files to puppies. How much more is this simple observation true when it comes to our obligation to prepare a place at Passover? Chaim, a poverty-stricken man who struggled to make the most modest of livings in support of his […]

The Passover Seder: Practical Halacha

February 17, 2015, by

Principles It is praiseworthy to tell the story of Passover even if you know all the details and interpretations (as did the great rabbis of the Talmud), because of the principle of “in order to remember” (lema’an tizkor): that we should remember everything God did for us when taking us out of Egypt. The Three […]

Hilchot Eruv Tavshilin

September 24, 2014, by

The following is meant as a convenient review of Halachos pertaining to Eiruv Tavshilin. The Piskei Din for the most part are based purely on the Sugyos, Shulchan Aruch and Ramah, and the Mishna Berura, unless stated otherwise. They are based on my understanding of the aforementioned texts through the teachings of my Rebeim. As […]

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