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The recital of the Haggadah opens with the words: “This is the bread of affliction which our fathers ate in the land of Egypt. Let all who are hungry enter and eat, and all who are needy come and celebrate the Passover.” This declaration is, in fact, in accordance with a law in the Shulchan […]

The Chernobyler’s Seder

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The Chernobyler Rebbe used to perform his Pesach Seders in an interesting way. During the year he would record in a notebook personal miracles, as they occurred to him. Then, on the Seder night, he would go through the Hagadda at a fast pace, and spend the rest of the evening reading from this notebook […]


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One of the most frustrating things that can befall a rabbi is that, while looking for a good topic for a talk during one Yomtov, he comes across something suitable for another Yomtov! (This is reminiscent of that well-known occupational hazard of pulpit rabbis, “trep zikoren”, where you remember a great thought to include in […]

The Pain of Being Special

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The following drasha was given at the Saranac Synagogue in Buffalo on the seventh day of Passover, 5747 (1987), and transcribed from memory by Jeffery Zucker. Comments and questions are very welcome. The Pesach Haggada, in recounting the history of the Jewish people, talks about the children of Isaac: “And I gave to Isaac Jacob […]


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Before we say Yizkor, I want to share a thought with you that I read in the journal, “Dos Yiddische Vort”. It was an article by Rabbi Moshe Sherer, the head of the Agudas Yisrael in America. He describes how he was travelling by plane, together with Rabbi Yaacov Kaminetzky of blessed memory, to New […]

What Made The Sea Part?

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The following drosha was given at the Saranac Synagogue in Buffalo on the eighth day of Pesach 5747 (1987), before Yizkor, and transcribed from memory by Jeffery Zucker. Comments and questions are very welcome. In Hallel, we read a description of how the Red Sea parted: “The Sea saw and fled” (Ps. 114). The Gemara […]

Condensed Ritual Guide to Passover Seder

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1. Seder Plate A special Seder Plate is displayed during the Seder, containing the key elements of Passover. The plate is carefully prepared and placed before the head of the household, or the one conducting the Seder, who dispenses the Seder foods to each of the participants. The following items appear on the Seder Plate: […]

Burning your Chametz

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1 – Burn only what you collect during Bedikat Chametz (not whole boxes of cereal). Do not burn plastic/aluminum foil. 2 – Never allow children near the fire. 3 – Wear gloves 4 – Try to burn inside a metal can (a garbage can) 5 – Do not burn on your lawn or near/in the […]

Keeping Up with the Joneses and Eating Matzah

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I’ve been trying to locate the Joneses. I know they live in our communities, somewhere, and they are causing much grief. Individuals have confided in me, of late, that they are under enormous pressure to keep up with the Joneses. People are remodeling their kitchens, buying expensive cars, hosting fancy smachot – and falling into […]

The Fifteen Steps – The Hidden One, Praise and Acceptance

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In this Section, the Afikoman (the “Tzafun,” or Hidden One) will re-appear, Grace After the Meals is said, the Second Part of Hallel, oriented towards the future, will be sung, and the Seder will be concluded and (we hope) accepted by G-d. The specific steps are: 12. “Tzafun” 13. “Barech” 14. “Hallel” 15. “Nirtzah” They […]