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Jewish Holidays

OU Kosher Pre-Pesach Webcast 5769

Practical Issues in Hilchos Pesach In this extra-special video, the Orthodox Union’s prominent Poskim, Rav Yisroel Belsky, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah V’Da’as, and Rav Hershel Schachter, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan, return to focus on issues of practical halacha related to Pesach. This year’s topics include: Is Quinoa on the list of […]

Bittersweet: The Sweetest Marror

March 25, 2009, by

When I was growing up, my Zeidy was the king of our Seder. His afikomen was by far the hardest to steal, actually nearly impossible, because he “hid” it in his jacket and guarded it with his life. But what gave him the crown was the fact that he ate freshly grated horseradish as his marror, bitter […]

Haroset, Any Style

March 25, 2009, by

Like most Ashkenazi Jews I grew up thinking that haroset meant grated apples mixed with ground up walnuts and a little Manischewitz wine. Never mind that we read the Haggadah twice during the holiday and discussed its meaning and I learned that we ate haroset to symbolize the mortar spread between the bricks that were […]

Passover Dinner and the Bounties of Spring

March 25, 2009, by

Listen to Linda’s Food Talk show on OURadio.org! Tonight’s Dinner in Minutes? Grilled Salmon with Olive Tapenade and Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus Grilled salmon with an olive tapenade garnish makes an elegant dish that takes very little effort. Serve it for the family or for guests during this Holiday week. Grill this salmon on a […]

Chicken Soup Sinkers

March 25, 2009, by

Passover’s just around the corner and in an effort to wrap my head around the enormity of renovating, cause let’s face it, getting rid of every scrap of “chametz” is a major overhaul to your blissful carbohydrate filled domicile, I started picking away at my pantry. Stale boxes of crackers are always the first to […]

Meatless Menus for Passover

March 25, 2009, by

During Passover many of us tend to focus on the Seder dinner but it’s good to plan for the holiday’s other festive meals as well. There are Shabbat dinners, brunches and more casual occasions to get together with friends and relatives. After the copious Seder meals, which often include one or more substantial main courses […]

The Seder: Birth of the Chesed Community

March 24, 2009, by

Based on a commentary in the new Haggadah, The Seder Night: An Exalted Evening, with the commentary of “the Rav”, Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik . Compiled by Rabbi Simon Posner. The birth of the chesed community – of a nation within which people unite, care for each other, share what they possess—is symbolized by the korban […]

Korech: The “Matzah Rap”

March 24, 2009, by

Hillel read the words of the Torah about the Pesach lamb, “on matzah and bitter herbs you shall eat it,” and he took it literally. And so the sandwich was invented. When we look at the many commandments that we have to keep we find that they are multiple expressions of a single spiritual path, […]

Falling Through The Cracks

March 23, 2009, by

We all know the expression. We try our hardest and make our best efforts, but in spite of it all, some things just “fall through the cracks”. It happens in our shuls as well. It may be a guest, a parent visiting from Israel, a new family, or even a quiet member who is overlooked. […]

Passover Safety Tips

March 23, 2009, by

Provided by the New York Board of Rabbis The week prior to Pesach is a high scald and burn time within the Jewish community. Special burn prevention care needs to be taken at this time. 1. Never allow children near boiling water when cleaning for Pesach. Adults need to take extra precautions at this time […]

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