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Jewish Holidays

Potency of Prayer

September 9, 2016, by

Every event in history, every story in life has a main plot line set in a supporting background that lends it both credibility and richness. The Passover chronicle is no exception. While the main theme of Pesach is the story of our redemption and of our unflagging faith in Hashem both before the redemption and […]

Introverted Inquirer

September 9, 2016, by

Among the different groups of four in the Haggadah we find the four sons. Each is different. One is wise, the second is wicked, the third is simple and the fourth is unable even to ask. The Torah speaks to each child, notes Rabbi Yehudah Kosbeh, for Hashem is “All encompassing” (Sha-dai) and has invested […]

Capitulation Chesed and Chinuch

September 9, 2016, by

Pesach is the first of the Jewish holidays, the holiday which forms the foundation of our religious observance and from which all others flow. Similarly, our Patriarch Abraham is the first of our forefathers from whom our faith descends to us and flows outward to the world. The Sifsei Chaim quoting the Tur notes that […]

Pesach – La Temporada de Emunah

April 20, 2016, by

“Al entrar a la tierra de Israel, usted va a disfrutar prosperidad y abundancia.  Construirá bellas casas.  Su ganado y su cosecha aumentaran.  Usted acumulara el oro y la plata.  Y en todo lo que usted participe lograra prosperidad…  Si usted se vuelve arrogante y dice, mi fuerza y el poder de mi mano hizo […]

Ha Lachma Anya and Dalet Kosos

April 20, 2016, by

Second Cup/Ha Lachma Anya Our minhag, which is in accordance with the Shulchan Aruch, has the filling of the second cup after Ha Lachma Anya before Mah Nishtana.  However, the Rambam puts the filling of the second cup before Ha Lachma Anya.  What is the basis of this machlokes? The answer is that it is […]

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