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Jewish Holidays

Do You Forgive Me?

September 8, 2008, by

Are you mochel me? Do you forgive me? A common question in the month of Elul. Hear about the other side of the coin – the obligation to forgive – with Rabbi Chaim Goldberg, Rabbinic Coordinator, OU Kosher

Spiritual Healing: Part I

September 3, 2008, by

We are not infallible, but if we can destroy it, we can fix it. You are the master of your soul – first in a series on spiritual healing by Rochi Lerner, host of Torah Sessions on OURadio.org. For part 2 click here

Selichot Sichot: Day II

September 7, 2007, by

A discussion of the structure of selichot. Selichot are modeled after Mincha, the afternoon prayer. They are introduced & highlighted by the 13 attributes of mercy.  

Selichos Sichos: Day III

September 7, 2007, by

Selichos Sichos:Day III – presented by Rabbi David Polsky. We plead God using the husband-wife motif & ask for protection. We then use a vineyard motif. After that the paytan asks why the wicked prosper.

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