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Thoughts on Parashat Devarim & Tisha B’Av

July 21, 2012, by

Torah and the Land of Israel These are the words that Moshe spoke to all Yisrael, on the far-side of the Jordan, in the wilderness, on the plain opposite Suf, between Tofel, Laval, Chatzerot and Di Zahav. (Sefer Devarim 1:1) 1. Divergent interpretation of Sefer Devarim’s first passage Sefer Devarim is a record of Moshe’s […]

Seudah Hamafseket on Shabbat-Erev Tisha b’Av

July 21, 2012, by

Normally, the last meal eaten before the Tish’ b’Av fast is supposed to be a spare meal eaten in solitude, since the mourning of Tish’a b’Av begins already the day before. (In fact, the mourning customs begin already three weeks earlier, and then intensify beginning with the month of Av and then further with the […]

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