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Jewish Holidays

Chanukah Cupcake “Menorah”

December 7, 2009, by

I think this Cupcake “Menorah” (not to replace the real one!) is such a cute and easy idea. You can start with any boxed cake mix recipe and use ready-made frosting or make your favorite basic cake and frosting recipe. Make a healthier choice using recipes for Banana Bread or Carrot Cake. Just bake them […]

The Mother of Children is Joyous

December 24, 2008, by

The story of Chana and her seven sons is well known. But what is less known is what it says about Chanukah, the Oral Torah, and in particular, the timeless Oral Torah of women that passes down through the generations. Rav Elon shows how this story is an inspiration for us not only in moments […]

Rav Hutner on Chanukah

December 24, 2008, by

The profound thoughts of Rav Hutner Zt”l on Chanukah. Sometimes by “breaking” the Torah, we fulfill the Torah. The forgetting of Torah itself caused new Torah, the back and forth, to be developed. Presented by Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Director of Kosher Education and host of “The Good Vort” on OURadio.org. Recorded live at OU World […]

Chanukah: One Small Step

December 23, 2008, by

Chanukah: One Small Step – Rabbi -Moishe Lichtenstein’s new installment of Water-Cooler Questions. Why do we celebrate 8 days if the miracle was for 7 days only? Why do we say full Hallel on Chanukah? An answer from the Kometz Mincha.

Where Can I Find the Story of Chanukah?

December 16, 2008, by

Chanukah: Where Can I Find the Story of Chanukah? – Rabbi Moishe Lichtenstein’s new installment of Water-Cooler Questions. All the holidays are mentioned in Tanach and have their own Masechet in the Gemara, except Chanukah. Why is Chanukah barely mentioned in the Mishna/Gemara?

Latkes and Donuts: “Oil” You Ever Wanted to Know

December 11, 2008, by

Although we associate latkes and donuts with Chanukah, in actuality, the halachic questions they engender apply all year. Rabbi David Bistricer, an OU Kosher Rabbinic Coordinator, provides a clear and concise guide to the lesser-known issues. He explores such topics as: What does a potato have to do with intermarriage? Could you use donuts on […]

The Miracles of Chanukah

December 7, 2007, by

Through an inside look at the miracles of Chanuka we can better understand why lighting the candles is so important for us today.

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