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Jewish Holidays

Chanukah and Independence Day

December 16, 2009, by

Is Hanukkah merely a holiday telling us a heroic story of battles won and political victories gained, like the American Fourth of July or the French Fourteenth of July? A political event, even one of the greatest importance, can be celebrated only as long as the people view it as a turning point in history, […]

Chanukah and The Battle Over Modesty

December 16, 2009, by

The Hellenists were trying to destroy the modest relationship we have with Hashem, symbolized by the Heichal and Kodesh Kodashim. The latest episode of The Good Vort, presented by Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Director of Kosher Education. Recorded live at OU World Headquarters NY, NY December 16, 2009.

The Menorah and The Sukkah

December 15, 2009, by

Mishnas Chayim for Parshas Mikeitz & Chanukah – Last week we discussed the famous question posed by the Beis Yosef concerning the duration of the Yom Tov of Chanukah. True, the oil burned for eight days, but only seven of those days seem to have comprised the miracle, as the kohanim started out with enough […]

Chanukah and Vayeshev: Hod and Hadar

December 10, 2009, by

The transition of Torah from being external to being internal. Understanding the victory of the Jews against the Greeks from a new angle, based on the Pachad Yitzchak, by Rav Yitzchak Hutner.

Chanukah: Miraculous Expansion

December 9, 2009, by

Mishnas Chayim for Parshas Vayeishev & Chanukah – Almost as familiar as the wondrous miracle of the Menorah to which the eight days of Chanukah correspond is the Beis Yosef’s question about this figure. Read the text version

The Two Dreams of Hanukkah

December 9, 2009, by

The story of Chanukah is typical of all our confrontations in the Galut, the Diaspora. In aristocracy, each family has a coat of arms, an emblem. What was the emblem of Joseph? It was the ketonet passim, of course, the multicolored coat, a coat composed of stripes that his father made for him (Gen. 37:3). […]

Miracles and Dreidles

December 8, 2009, by

WHAT A MODEST, SPINNING TOP CAN TEACH US ABOUT MIRACLES We live in an age of miracles and wonder. Does that sound like a ridiculous statement to you – to characterize the age of the Internet, gene therapy, and biological science as an age of miracles? For many people, it does sound ridiculous. To their […]

Chanukah Cupcake “Menorah”

December 7, 2009, by

I think this Cupcake “Menorah” (not to replace the real one!) is such a cute and easy idea. You can start with any boxed cake mix recipe and use ready-made frosting or make your favorite basic cake and frosting recipe. Make a healthier choice using recipes for Banana Bread or Carrot Cake. Just bake them […]

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