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Jewish Holidays

The Miracles of Chanukah

December 7, 2007, by

Through an inside look at the miracles of Chanuka we can better understand why lighting the candles is so important for us today.

Chanukah & Pirsum HaNes

December 5, 2007, by

There are 7 reasons why we light the menorah in shul, one of which is publicizing the miracle. Is there a obligation to publicize the miracle to non-Jews? Presented by Rabbi Levy Zirkind of Chabad of Fresno.

Chanukah: Getting Help From The Enemy

December 5, 2007, by

What Greeks tried to do, to make us forget the Torah, was actually good for us. Until then, there was no machloket, which is crucial to Torah’s survival Rabbi Moishe Lichtenstein’s new installment of Water-Cooler Questions.

The Lights In Our Lives

December 20, 2006, by

Mi-Neirot Chanukah L’Neirot Hachol – The Lights In Our Lives. A study in the contrast between the lights of Chanukah and the other lights in our lives Rav Meir Goldwicht is a prominent Israeli scholar, educator, and a Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva University’s RIETS and it’s Mazer School of Talmudic Studies, is the head of […]

Shiur on Al HaNisim & Hoda’ah

December 19, 2006, by

Some of the older texts of al hanissim contain a request from Hashem to perform more miracles for us. Isn’t it inappropriate to make requests for more while in the middle of saying thank you? A proper understanding of what Hoda’ah really means sheds great light on this issue.

Musical Origins of Maoz Tzur

December 18, 2006, by

A study of the liturgical and musical origin, the influence and practical usage of the popular MAOZ TZUR melody. This lecture is presented by Cantor Bernard Beer, director, Philip and Sarah Belz School of Jewish Music, RIETS, YU.

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