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Jewish Holidays

The Verdict of History

October 26, 2016, by

During the second Temple when the Hellenists ruled, they made decrees against Israel and suppressed their religion. They did not allow them to study Torah and perform the mitzvot.  They seized their wealth and their daughters. They entered the Sanctuary, made many breaches in it and defiled that which was sanctified.  Israel was greatly afflicted […]

Shedding Light on Chanukah: A Practical Guide

December 7, 2015, by

What is Chanukah? During the period of the second temple, the Syrian-Greek kingdom issued decrees against the Jews observing the Torah and following the commandments in an attempt to cause them to culturally assimilate. They disrupted the Sanctuary of the Temple and rendered it ritually impure. G-d sent redemption through a rebellion led by the […]

Redemption, The Ultimate Miracle: A Dreidel Story

December 2, 2015, by

My dreidels delight me. They delight me because of their colors and shapes; they delight me because of all that they represent and they delight me because guests in our home smile when they see them. But sometimes a guest will look at my collection with a curious twinkle and ask: “But why so many?   […]

Halacha L’Maaseh on Chanuka

November 30, 2015, by

Introduction to Chanuka Chanuka commemorates the miracle of God’s saving the Jews during the time of the Greek empire. The Greeks wanted to destroy Judaism and Jewish practices and have the Jews follow the Greek culture and religion. A small group of Jews defeated the Greek army, which was the world’s greatest military force at […]

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