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Jewish Holidays

In vs. Out

December 22, 2016, by

All of hilchot chanukah are house-oriented. Why did the Greeks defile, rather than destroy, the Beit HaMikdash unlike the Babylonians and Romans did? Why is the Beit Hamikdash referred to as a house, a “bayit”?

Chanukah 5777

December 22, 2016, by

Rav Ilson discusses How the Rambam, other Rishonim, the geonim, the Gemara, and Megillat Taanit approach at Chanukah & the differences between each approach.

OU Kosher Halacha Yomis: Chanukah

December 20, 2016, by

Which Comes First on Motzei Shabbos, Chanukah Lights or Havdalah? There is a dispute among the poskim concerning this question. Normally, in selecting the sequence of two mitzvos we are guided by the principle of tadir v’she’eino tadir – tadir kodem (the more frequent mitzvah is performed first). As such, the Taz (681:1) rules that […]

What is Hidden is Never Lost: Rapa-Dreidels, Portugal and the Marranos

December 19, 2016, by

Communal memories do not vanish.  They may become tenuous, fragile as wisps, as fragments, as shards of dreams.  But they remain.  Though the atrocities of the Inquisition sought to banish our memories, our faith, and our identity with cruelties unthinkable even in our own modern era of unspeakable cruelty we continued to remember.  And the […]

The Bais HaMikdash: Power Source of Spirituality

December 19, 2016, by

The Bach commenting on Tur Shulchan Aruch explains that the decrees of the Yevanim against the Jewish people occurred because the Jewish people became “lax in their service.” Earlier in history, the Bais HaMikdash had been the center of life, the pride of every Jew. Going up to Yerushalayim three times a year was looked at […]

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