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The Dangerous Dreidle Ride

December 22, 2005, by

Rabbi Mayer Waxman reads The Dangerous Dreidle Ride to your kids, an exciting Chanukah adventure in the wonderful land of Miroop. Written and Illustrated by Chaiky Halpern.

Rabbi Tzvi Flaum – Reflections on Teshuva

October 11, 2005, by

Rabbi Tzvi Flaum (Senior Rabbi, Congregation Kneseth Israel, Far Rockaway, NY) visits Young Israel of Jamaica Estates to deliver an inspiring message of Teshuva, according to the Rav’s conceptual analysis.

Rabbi Ari Berman – Self-Awareness and Awareness of Self

October 10, 2005, by

Rabbi Ari Berman, of the Jewish Center in Manhattan, visited the Kingsway Jewish Center in Brooklyn, NY to deliver divrei hitorerut during the Days of Awe 5766. He discussed the central feature of both Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur as teshuva. We associate viduy with teshuva, and on Yom Kippur we express teshuva though confessing […]