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Help the Rimon movement empower the future generation of Jewish leaders around the world.
While in the midst of this pandemic, we, a few Jewish students from different backgrounds, all came to the same conclusion: We need to reimagine Israel education on campus. We need a space where a diverse group of  Zionists can come together to learn and create. We, therefore, teamed up to start a new student-led movement, Rimon.

What makes us different: While there are incredible pro-Israel organizations present on college campuses, we believe there needs to be a new movement within the current space. We envision a different way to educate students across the Zionist spectrum. Part of the novelty of our movement is our encouragement in diverse thinking. We are Zionists, with diverse political and religious beliefs, seeking to reimagine Israel education on college campuses together. While focusing on education, we also act as an incubator of ideas developing how Israel is seen on campus and support of various projects that challenge the status quo.

Why we are raising money: Education is power and through it we can foster understanding and Zionist empowerment. We hope to create a richer, more complex conversation around Israel on our campuses based on education and our love of Israel and the Jewish people. After our pilot cohort, where international students came together to engage in uncomfortable and challenging conversations, we got contacted by future participants, both high school and college who showed a keen interest in taking part throughout the virtual fall semester. By having the necessary funds, we will be able to expand our resource library, host webinars with bespoke speakers, and carry out further projects in keeping with our vision.

We are striving to continue to educate our peers, but to do this at the level we need, we need YOU. We need YOUR help to raise money for our initiatives to continue on our mission.

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