2019 Community Booth Rep Information Form

Please use the form below to indicate the names of all Booth representatives who will be in attendance for your community at the Fair.  The information provided will be used to generate name tags (a title can be placed before the first name if appropriate — i.e., Rabbi).

Booth Tablecloth:  Every table needs proper draping — the OU will order one for your community if you do not have your own (many communities have beautiful linen cloths with the name of the community in the front).  For an 8 ft. table the proper  size is:   156 x 90 inches.  Indicate whether or not you will need the OU to provide a cloth for your community.  (These must be ordered a few weeks prior to the Fair — we will only order for those communities that specify the need).

Additional Rep Upgrade:  Communities are permitted the following in their booth during any one shift:

  • Standard booth: 2 reps + 1 floater (2 chairs will be provided)
    Enhanced booth: 3 reps + 1 floater (3 chairs will be provided)
    Deluxe booth: 4 reps + 1 floater (4 chairs will be provided)
  • Communities may add 1 or 2 reps to their group for additional fees.  Standard booths:  $200 per additional rep; Enhanced/Deluxe booth:  $200 per additional rep

Lunch:  Boxed lunches will be provided at 11 am for those who are setting up the booth/and on duty  when the Fair opens at noon. Choices are Tuna Sandwich, Egg Salad Sandwich or Grilled Vegetable Sandwich.  Please indicate how many of each will be needed.  Do not order more than the allowed allotment for your booth.




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