2017 Post-Fair Community Follow Up

It has been over 8 months since the OU’s Community Job and Relocation Fair.  We would like to hear updates from your community regarding how many families have visited and how many have moved or are planning to move.  Please complete the form below by keeping the following in mind:  The Fair is part of the OU’s Communal Growth Initiative, which also includes the website that is provided for participating communities, event promotion, OUMovesU Google Group, and Community Fair booklet which can be ordered by interested relocaters.  Include in your count anyone who came to your community because of any of these items:

  • If someone attended the Community Fair 2017 or any previous OU Fair
  • If a family moved to their community because friends had relocated to the community through the Fair, OU website, Community Guide or other Department assistance.
  • If a family did not physically attend the fair but were told about the community from a friend who attended the Fair the Fair, OU website, Community Guide or other Department assistance.
  • If a family called the OU for assistance in identifying an appropriate community
  • If a family used the OU Fair website and found a community.
  • If a family ordered the Community Guide and found a community from there.
  • If a family received information from the OUMovesU Google Group.

Relocations/visits should start from Spring 2017 (include everyone, even if you gave us the information in a previous request). This information is crucial for evaluating the success of the program and for the future of this the Communal Growth Initiative.

Thank you so much!


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