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Travel to Thailand with your Fellow Alumni THIS SUMMER!

Tuesday, Jun, 18, 2013 - Thursday, Jun, 27, 2013 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

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For more information contact Zehava Birman at
College Students and Young Professionals
Application Deadline April 29th!

Facilitated by JUSTIFI, the participants will be given a meaningful Jewish experience in Thailand.  That means a beautiful, inspiring Shabbat; the availability of delicious, kosher food; and interacting with observant Jews and other like-minded people who want to use Jewish values as a springboard for actions of positive change for everyoneThe structure of the entire program—from meeting, educating and inspiring Thai youth, to volunteering with on-the-ground organizations working on grassroots social justice projects—is specifically designed to cultivate leadership skills within the framework of Jewish values and to experience Jewish growth. Upon their return, participants will be encouraged to begin their own social justice projects on campus or community.