SPIRIT: An Ex”salmon”ation of Kosher Fish

An Ex”salmon”ation of Kosher Fish How do I know if a fish is kosher or not? Can I buy fish from a non-kosher fish store? What’s the story with buying salmon at Costco? Presented by:  Rabbi Chaim Goldberg Rabbi Chaim Goldberg just celebrated his 20th anniversary running the fish desk at OU Kosher. Rabbi Goldberg […]

SPIRIT: A Minute of Memory Matters

A Minute of Memory Matters: 7 quick tips to improve your memory How to remember where you parked your car How to use visualization to remember important things One basic memory technique that can be used in many everyday cases. Some tips for recall A fun brain exercise using your fingers SPIRIT is happy to […]

SPIRIT: Understanding Medicare: Review and 2023 Updates

 Understanding Medicare – Review and 2023 Updates What is Medicare Why am I getting bombarded with so many emails, telemarketing calls, flyers? Who can I trust for accurate information New Part-D Deductible What are the Parts of Medicare? Typical costs for Medicare? Should I be on Medicare if I’m still working, on my employer plan, […]

SPIRIT: (Kosher) Collagen Comes Full Circle

(Kosher) Collagen Comes Full Circle: The Wonders of Collagen and A Family Connection Collagen is a protein that is produced naturally by our bodies produce, but collagen production declines with age. We need collagen to support optimum connective tissue, including skin texture and elasticity. It has been shown to help with various skin conditions, helps […]

Home Buyer Basics 101: Real Estate

HOME BUYER BASICS 101:  Real Estate   Working with an agent Understanding Wants vs Needs Location Location Location Understanding Value in the current market Offer Process Contingencies Closing Presented by: Marc Stein, Broker Associate @ eXp Realty, CEO Links Residential Realtor Marc Stein is the CEO of Links Residential brokered by eXp Realty with agents across the country […]

SPIRIT: Let’s Talk!

Let's Talk -- An Interactive Program Please join us for a new addition to the SPIRIT program.  "Let's Talk" will give all participants the opportunity to meet in small breakout rooms with other SPIRIT participants to socialize in a virtual setting. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Please note:  Let's Talk sessions will not be recorded. The […]

SPIRIT: Israel Real Estate Seminar–Buying Made Simple

Israel Real Estate Seminar: Buying Made Simple This seminar is all about helping you understand the process of buying real estate in Israel. You may have heard that the process is extremely difficult. Thanks to our expert team, we will be there to talk you through the process and explain everything from A to Z. […]

SPIRIT: Making Cents of Finances

Making Cents of Finances Financial planning and decision-making for every stage of life. Creating and maintaining a written budget. Balancing changing financial needs. Making deliberate decisions with money. Presented by Stacey Zrihen, Certified Financial Planner Stacey grew up in Lawrence, NY, and earned her college degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  […]

SPIRIT: Age with Grace: Staying Sharper Longer

Age with Grace: Staying Sharper Longer How diet, exercise, cognitive stimulation, and social stimulation affect the way you age! Learn the ways that you can improve your brain health today! Learn about what you can do to lead a healthier life and age with a sharper brain. Does genetics play a role in who gets […]

SPIRIT: Tefillah Tools and Techniques That Will Transport You into Another World

Tefillah tools and techniques that will transport you into another world. Effective Practical Meaningful Relevant Presented by: Mrs. Tamar Nusbaum, Curriculum Developer, Founder and Director of Ani Tefillah Tamar Nusbaum has been teaching all grade levels for the past thirty years and specializes in structuring scope, sequences and strategies to utilize classroom time to maximize […]