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Go South (West) Young Man (Woman)!

Monday, Jan, 14, 2013 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Our erudite tour guide Gidon Abramowitz will be leading us on an exciting day in our southwest

Highlights include:


Going to the Baba Sali, the replica of the Liberty Bell, The Ethiopian Cultural Center


We will be visiting the Yeshiva, seeing the Kassam Kollection at the police station, touring the city, a little shopping spree (to support local economy), meet our guest Shlomit Abramowitz, therapist of shock trauma for the psychologically damaged youth

Kibbutz Saad

Learning about the Independence War in 48, seeing how religious kibbutz is run, and hearing of that kibbutz being on the very front lines of the Gaza strip and the repercussions for its members and defenders

We’ll be staying overnight at Malon Sderot.