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Connecting Heaven and Earth in Beit El

Tuesday, May, 28, 2013 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM





Join us for a wonderfully uplifting day in Beit El

with Judy Simon, enthusiastic Beit El Tourism Coordinator

beit el

Our visit begins at the Beit El Tefillin Factory, where we will experience the production of Tefillin from beginning to end. You will be astounded by the artistry required in preparing there humble boxes and straps!

Visit the boutique Beit El Winery for an explanation by local vintner, Hillel Manne, plus some wine tasting.

The “Lift Your Eyes Observation Tower,” with a stunning view of the Promised Land, including an imbedded mosaic floor map of the entire Land of Israel.

Crowning the day is a visit to Jacob’s Rock, the very place where Yaacov Avinu dreamt his famous Ladder Dream and received Divine Blessings, an unforgettably moving experience. (How do we know where Jacob dreamt? Join the tour to find out!) Here we will also see the most ancient wormwood oak tree in Israel, archeological ruins attributed to Yarovam ben Nevat, plus dozens of Maccabean burial caves, and a unique Olive Oil Factory Cave from the time of the Holy Temples. 

Over lunch (please bring your own) see the film “The Ladder and the Dream,” followed by a meeting with the mayor of Beit El, Moshe Rosenbaum (whose late wife was an active OU member).

Visit Herby’s Bake Shop and hear this Memphis native’s fascinating story.

Our day will end at the incredible Chavat Ephraim mini-zoo, where more than 30 varieties of animals, including rabbits, foxes, peacocks, deer, donkeys, a camel, and a beautiful duck pond, are lovingly cared for in memory of 11-year-old Ephraim Zur.