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Bringing Judaism back to the first Modern Jewish City

Tuesday, Jan, 08, 2013 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM

with our inspiring guide Shalom Pollack.

We shall meet with the Religious Zionist core group (Garin Torani) and tour south Tel Aviv, which today resembles Harlem of the 60s for the past few years.  We shall be concentrating upon the challenges and efforts of these young families among the embattled Jewish population.

Old Jaffa – Beginning with the classic view of Tel Aviv and Jaffa from Napoleon’s Hill (Yes, Napoleon was in Jaffa where he called upon world Jewry to come home!)

Irgun Museum, see a film and listen to the inspiring words of an Irgun veteran about the heroic conquest of Jaffa in 1948.  We shall then understand the price paid for a Jewish Jaffa of today.

We shall meet with the Jaffa Garin Torani, which is a growing presence in “mixed” Jaffa.  The Arab population resents the turning of the demographic tide away from an Arab area to a vibrant Jewish one once again.  We shall learn about the challenges facing these idealistic families and the results which have been achieved.

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