Thousands Are Dying Each Day. You Can Change That.


India is facing a catastrophe of epic proportions. COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on its citizens who are dying by the thousands every day.

And we, the Jewish people, cannot stand idly by.

We must get involved. We must take action.

The Jewish nation is defined by the character traits of rachmanim and gomlei chassadim, merciful and kind. The Torah teaches us “darchei noam,” a peaceful and pleasant way of living. We emulate G-d, who is “rachamav al kol maasav,” merciful upon all His creations. This fundamental tenet of Judaism compels us to look outside our circles to ensure the wellbeing of every human. 

In that light, we must respond to the calamity that has consumed India, because they simply cannot withstand this blow without our help.

Our donations to this effort can go as far as saving thousands of lives!

The Jewish community in general, and Israel in particular, have often relied on the benevolence and humanity of the nations of the world in times of need.

Now is our opportunity to give back to stem the tide of destruction in India.

Every minute counts, and every dollar can save a life.

100% of your donation will go directly toward procuring medical equipment for those who need it most.

Please open your hearts and give what you can. In that merit, may G-d shower us all with good health and blessings.