Tefillah Tip: Baruch Sheamar VIII

January 2, 2014, by

The Tefilla continues “ובשירי דוד עבדך נהללך ה’ אלוקנו בשבחות ובזמרות- and with the psalms of David Your servant we shall laud You with praises and songs.”

Baruch Sheamar VII

December 27, 2013, by

The next phrase in the tefilla that we will examine is, “המהולל בפי עמו, משובח ומפואר בלשון חסידיו ועבדיו-]G-d [is lauded by the mouths of his people and praised and glorified by the tongues of his pious followers and servants”.

Tefillah Tips: Baruch Sheamar IV

November 14, 2013, by

Rabbi Epstein continues to the next phrase in the prayer Baruch Sheamar, “ברוך משלם שכר טוב ליראיו- Blessed is Hashem that pays a good reward to those that fear him.”