Tefillah Tips: Baruch Sheamar IV

November 14, 2013, by

Rabbi Epstein continues to the next phrase in the prayer Baruch Sheamar, “ברוך משלם שכר טוב ליראיו- Blessed is Hashem that pays a good reward to those that fear him.”

Kinus Teshuva Synagogue Program

August 14, 2013, by

Rabbis across the United States exchange pulpits for a special Kinus Teshuva program on Sunday, September 8, 2013 between Mincha and Maariv:
A Pairing & Sharing of Religious Leaders & Thoughts

Birchot Hashachar: Conclusion

June 19, 2013, by

The final blessing of Birchot Hashachar is “המעביר שנה מעיני ותנומה מעפעפי”-I thank G-d who removes sleep from my eyes and slumber from my eyelids. An all-encompassing paragraph of prayer follows this blessing and begins with, “יהי רצון– May it be His will” It contains the eternal aspirations of every Jewish soul requesting the privilege of being […]