Safe Homes, Safe Schools, Safe Shuls

Safe Homes, Safe Shuls, Safe Schools

Insure Your Family, Your Rabbis and Teachers — and Yourself!

It’s heartbreaking to read about widows and orphans who do not have enough money to put food on the table after the death of a breadwinner. No man or woman should be without adequate life insurance. At the minimum, one should have a “term” policy to cover a family through the childrearing years.

Safe Homes | Every adult with dependents must have a life insurance policy. A minimal $500,000 ‘term’ policy costs a few hundred dollars per year. Married individuals should be insured to protect their spouse and children. Hagaon R’ Moshe Feinstein Zt’l told a talmud to buy life insurance already during the week of sheva brochos. Safe Schools | Rebbeim and teachers can be insured by class parents through a class gift, holiday gift or end-of-year gift. Schools should consider allocating $10 from school tuition or PTA projects to cover rebbeim and teachers. Safe Shuls | Synagogues should consider taking $10 from shul membership to insure that the rav and klei kodesh each have a term policy. The rav and board may wish to establish a campaign to underscore to the membership the importance of obtaining life insurance. Synagogues should consider setting up a fund for those that may be unable to afford even a modest premium. Safe Homes, Safe Schools, Safe Shuls Insurance Awareness Program

Please contact Albert Kahn at 212.613.0612 or with questions about the Insurance Awareness Program or to request assistance.

The Orthodox Union is not an insurance broker and does not benefit financially from this program in any way. We are concerned that this topic is not sufficiently addressed, with awareness often coming too late. By advocating insurance coverage we seek to prevent a potential misfortune for you or for your loved ones from becoming a full-scale catastrophe. Insurance may be purchased from any qualified broker, but do not delay; the younger you are at the time of purchase, the lower the rates.