Online Registry for Health Care Directives

Halachic Living Will 2

New FREE Online Registry for Your Health Care Directives

An educational program on what a halachic health care proxy/“living will” is, the importance of having a halachic health care proxy and the FREE registry is available for your community. A halachic health care proxy/“living will” should be prepared by adults of all ages as illness and accidents do not discriminate with age. An example of the importance of having such a form recently took place where a major hospital insisted on putting a “DNR” on a frum female patient over the objections of her adult son because the hospital claimed that she told them, before she lapsed into a state of being unable to communicate her wishes, that she wanted a DNR. Because the son had nothing in writing, it was hard for him to refute this. This situation would not have developed if a written directive would have been in place and easily accessible.

The Orthodox Union, through agreement with the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG), has arranged for you to register your Halachic Healthcare Proxy/ “Living Will” directive FREE of charge with the U.S. Living Will Registry©. The Registry will maintain a copy of your Halachic Proxy/”Living Will” on a secure website that can be accessed instantly by any healthcare facility.

We encourage registration because in many cases, a patient has to be rushed to the hospital and the family cannot locate the Halachic Healthcare Proxy/ “Living Will.” The On-line Registry solves this problem and therefore ensures that your health care wishes will be respected. (If you were to register on your own, there would be a charge for this service.)