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Shavuot Best Practices

May 27, 2016, by

Innovative Shavuot synagogue programming for all ages from successful synagogues. IDEAS “Game Show” theme “Family Feud” put teams against each other, trying to determine the most popular answer to questions of Torah and traditions. “Jeopardy” questions will be taken from the weekly quiz questions in the Shabbos sheet. During the days of Shavuot, involve children and […]

Purim Best Practices

January 26, 2016, by

Innovative Purim programming ideas from successful synagogues. Events Mishloach Manot Packing for Soldiers Invite your shul members to bring in kosher food products to help assemble mishloach manot baskets for Jewish soldiers serving in the Israeli and US army. You can also have kids design and create cards with short messages for the soldiers to […]

Asara B’Tevet and Parshat Vayechi

December 20, 2015, by

The fast of the 10th day commemorates the day on which Nevuchadnezzar laid siege to Jerusalem during the first Temple period. The siege continued for 3 years until the Temple was ultimately destroyed on the 9th of Av. If we fast to commemorate the destruction of the Temple, why do we also fast to commemorate […]

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