Shavuot Tips

May 15, 2015, by

The three pilgrimage festivals commemorate and celebrate our relationship with the Creator and the miracles He has performed for us throughout the ages. The prayers we recite on these holidays reflect our recognition and appreciation of G-d’s omnipotence and ultimate kindness manifested at these periods in history. The Amidah/Silent prayer that we offer during every […]

How to make Shavuos All-Night Learning Come to Life

April 27, 2015, by

Rabbi Einhorn’s SynaBlog is a new innovative blog that shares tips, tactics, strategies and best practices that enable Shul growth and promote Shul vitality. For many communities, Shavuos night serves as a great opportunity to offer some serious Torah and draw a nice size crowd. We have heard of Shuls that do a midnight BBQ and an end of […]

Haggadah Tips

April 2, 2015, by

The Seder night is the yearly exhibition of Jewish Education in the home. We discuss the four types of children that make up Jewish families, their questions, and some answers. As we sing and eat our way through the night, there are plenty of customs and rituals to give definition and meaning to the evening(s). I would […]