White Oak, Pennsylvania

March 21, 2013

White Oak, PA –

Are you ready for White Oak? “The Best Kept Secret in the Orthodox Jewish World” White Oak, Pennsylvania, is home to our charming, warm and closely knit Jewish Community where we openly embrace and celebrate all our simchas in a family-oriented and heartfelt way. At Gemilas Chesed, barbecues, shul dinners and get-togethers are the norm! White Oak is a small suburb surrounded by Western Pennsylvania’s beautiful landscape of luscious trees, rolling hills, and yards full of colorful greenery. White Oak is in close proximity to three metropolitan areas for an easy commute to jobs that are plentiful in our region! You have a choice of Jewish Day Schools and preschools with FREE busing! In White Oak you can find, beautiful homes with big yards all for under $125,000, incredibly low crime and taxes, and area home to UPMC Hospital, rated in 2012 by US News and World Report as one of the top 10 medical centers in the United States. White Oak offers numerous amenities just a short drive away from beautiful parks, an olympic-size swimming pool, historic libraries, state-of-the-art malls, world-class amusement park, the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, the Carnegie Science Center, The Children’s Museum, botanical gardens and so much more!! Living life without expensive cost of living, noise, and pollution the way life should be. Come experience White Oak for yourself!!



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White Oak, PA