Savannah, Georgia

April 12, 2013

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Savannah, Georgia is home to a diverse, active, engaging and family-oriented Jewish Community dating back to the founding of the colony of Georgia.Savannah has always been a community that has dedicated itself to a committed Jewish lifestyle emphasizing tradition, education, Torah values and fostering a strong Jewish identity.

By relocating to Savannah, you will find a sunny, southern city where life is pleasant and relaxed. In addition, you will also discover your new extended family. In times of joy, everyone is part of the celebration; in difficult times, the community rallies together to provide comfort and support. The many different people you will meet in Savannah will become more than you new neighbors, they will become the no-so-distant relatives you never knew you had.

Congregation Bnai Brith Jacob is well known for its diverse membership; from singles to newlyweds to families small and large, as well as retirees. Congregants range from those who have been observant their entire lives to ba’ale teshuva and those just beginning to learn about their heritage. We welcome all Jews, no matter their background or level of education. We would love to welcome you to our extended family.


Free first year tuition at Rambam Day School- no limit on number of children, 50% tuition for the 2nd year. Free shul membership for the 1st year. 50% off shul dues in you second year of membership.Moving assistance offered on a case-by-case basis.


Name: Rabbi Yoni Macabee


Phone #: 845-642-3699

Savannah, GA