Paramus, New Jersey

April 11, 2013

Out of town in the middle of it all. Paramus, NJ has everything a young couple/family could want! Schools, kosher food, restaurants abound in this family friendly town less than 45 minutes from Manhattan. The combination of great housing, low taxes, parks/zoos and existing Jewish infrastructure (both ashkenaz and sefardic minyans) combine to make Paramus an “under the radar” opportunity.

Our diverse Jewish community prides itself on being welcoming and hospitable. Come join Congregation Beth Tefillah for a weekend and see for yourself!

P.S: It’s not really relocation when you’re five minutes from Teaneck, but we’ll give you the first scoop of chulent!


Name: William Yagoda


Phone #: 551-486-6170


Upcoming Events:

Paramus, NJ is hosting a “New Families Shabbaton” on May 9-10 More Information

Paramus, NJ