Malden, Massachusetts

January 16, 2014

Location, Location, Location

Malden_PondMinutes from downtown Boston and Cambridge, Malden is a convenient and affordable  community for Jewish families who need to be close to jobs in the high tech industry located in Cambridge (and Route 128), or in the financial services industry in downtown Boston. In addition to convenience and affordability, Malden has the factors needed to build and sustain a new community:  an eruv, a brand-new upscale mikvah, a dedicated, long-term rabbi, and a community committed to living a Torah lifestyle.

Educational Options

There are many options for parents to choose the best Jewish Day school for their children. Maimonides School, New England Hebrew Academy, Torah Academy, Shaloh House, Mesivta High School, and Bais Yaakov Girls High School are all a short drive from Malden (the schools are all located in Brookline, about 10 miles from our community). These schools offer a range of hashkafot from modern to yeshivish to Lubavitch/Chabad. The synagogue operates daily bus service to transport children to and from all the schools, and the community works together car pooling to make sure children can attend extra-curricular activities.

Torah and Community Learning betmirashThe community, led since 1997 by Rav Yitzchok Zev Rabinowitz (BMG, Boston Kollel), is committed to its spiritual growth in both learning and mitzvah observance. Daily shiurim, Mishnayot after Shacharit (we are nearing a siyyum of the entire שישה סידרי משנש) and Halachot (varied topics) after Maariv ensure that we are fulfilling the mitzvah of learning after davening in the morning and learning at night.  There is a weekly shiur for women given by the Rabbi as well as a Shabbat shiur for men. The women’s shiur has covered in depth halachos such as the laws of bishul (cooking) on Shabbat, muktza, and care of the sick on Shabbat and Yom Tov. The men’s shiur has been steadily working through major works of hashkafa, such as דרך השם and נפש החיים.

Although the members of our community come from different backgrounds and have different hashkafot, there is one common characteristic uniting all of us–sincerity. This is a community where everyone is sincerely interested in their personal growth, and continuing to spread the influence of Torah into their lives.



The Malden community is committed to helping make Jewish life more affordable. To do this we have the following programs:

  • 0 – 3% interest home down payment loan
  • Tuition subsidy for each child attending an orthodox Jewish Day school
  • Low cost annual synagogue membership
  • Summer camp subsidy for each child attending an orthodox Jewish camp
  • School discounts for Torah Academy and Bais Yaakov specifically for Malden residents

New Programs

In the coming year, Malden is undertaking several major initiatives, including expansion of the eruv, and the hosting of JPULSE Rabbanim and their families in the community. The eruv expansion will provide additional low cost housing within close proximity of the shul. JPULSE, a local kiruv organization focusing on increasing observance among young Jewish professionals, will be housing up to four families of Rabbanim in Malden. This move expands kiruv efforts into the downtown Boston and Cambridge area, as well as bringing more opportunities for learning into the Malden community.

Learn More

To learn more about Malden, visit our website (  For more information about our recently opened Mikvah, visit our Mikvah home page (

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Matthew Garland, Executive Director, Congregation Beth Israel (781) 322-5686

Rabbi Yitzchak Zev Rabinowitz (781) 322-5686