Louisville, Kentucky

March 18, 2013

Louisville, KY – http://ansheisfard.com

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Unbroken line of Orthodox Judaism for 125 years, and all the bourbon you can drink! Oh yeah, and we were voted CNN’s #1 destination and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Seriously though, Louisville is one of America’s best kept frum secrets. Torah luminaries such as Aryeh Kaplan have lived and taught here, and we look to you to be part of our future. We know the financial difficulties that the NY Metro area faces – many of us are from there as well! We’ve been able to make a new life – you can for your family as well. Cast off your debt, make a difference, and start a new family tree. Join us today.


How can we help you? We have everything from relocation assistance, to jobs and recruiting, to free loan funds and free tuition offers available.



Name: Benyamin Wallace

Email: bwallace@nowsourcing.com

Phone #: 845-269-1180


Upcoming Events:

  • Louisville, KY is hosting a “Scholar-in-Residence” shabbaton on August 16-18, 2013 More Information


Louisville, KY