Linden, New Jersey

March 18, 2013

Linden, NJ –

Young couples and families are moving to Linden, New Jersey for the purpose of redefining what it means to live in an Orthodox Jewish Community.

We believe…

… that every family who moves into the community should embrace and welcome diversity and feel comfortable knowing that there is no pressure to conform to any specific type of lifestyle. We are all on a path to improve our level of Yiddishkeit and we respect the journey of each and every one of our members.

… that our children are the most important part of our shul and we do this by providing them with an amazing Jewish experience on Shabbat as well as through other family chesed projects.  There is babysitting/groups for children ages 0-12 throughout davening every Shabbat morning. At the end of davening we welcome the children into shul during Anim Zemiros to kiss the Torah and hear kiddush.

…that each family should have the opportunity to find the right school for their child and not feel obligated to a community school. There are at least 9 elementary schools within a 35 minute commute from Linden, including the Jewish Educational Center (K-12), and the YM-YWHA (year round day-care facility) in Elizabeth which are only a 10 minute drive.

… that an Orthodox community must be affordable and conveniently located to NYC. Linden boasts the most affordable real estate for a Jewish community in the NY-metro area. A typical 3 bedroom home starts at $225K and a 4 bedroom home sells for less than $300K. Linden also has many garden apartment complexes within a 5-10 minute walk from the shul with two bedroom apartments renting for just over $1000 per month. Linden is only 36 minutes from midtown New York City by direct rail line and easily accessed through Exit 13 of the NJ Turnpike and Exit 136 of the Garden State Parkway.

… that the foundation for any Orthodox community is built through its opportunities for spiritual growth. With daily minyanim, year-round educational programming, and a Yeshiva on our campus, the opportunities are immense.

…that convenience is important. There are kosher butchers and restaurants located in Elizabeth, a 10 minute drive. With an eruv, Dairy Queen, and Rita’s Ices in Linden, the final missing piece is a Mikvah of our own. To that end, we are excited to announce that we will break ground on our Mikvah before the summer.

Congregation Anshe Chesed is led by Rabbi Joshua Hess and his wife Naava. They, together with their four adorable children, provide guidance and warmth which is immediately evident to anyone who walks into their shul. In the past six years, over 20 young families have moved to Linden and now call it their home.

If you believe in what we believe, join us for a Shabbos and experience the transformation.


· Free shul family membership for the first year (a $1025 value).

· Specially discounted shul student rate: $180/year per full-time student.

· Free High Holiday seats for the first year.

· Arrangement with a lawyer who is a member of the shul to close on your house for a nominal fee.

· Arrangement with a local realtor who is familiar with Orthodox family needs. She has assisted many of our young couples.

· Recommendations for mortgage and insurance brokers in our area.

· Have your resume reviewed by a professional job recruiter from our shul for job-networking purposes.

· Promotional arrangement at the Union YM-YWHA (, a nearby Glatt Kosher facility that  offers a day care, summer camp, pool and fitness center, and year-round programming.

·20% off 1st year membership plus 3 extra months free.

· $100 discount per child for summer camp (8 weeks).

· $200 discount for first month of childcare.



Name: Michelle Pincus


Phone #: 908-486-8616

Linden, NJ