Jersey City Heights, New Jersey

March 18, 2013

Jersey City Heights, NJ –

Problem: Priced out? Solution: close, affordable, and non-judgmental Jersey City Heights! • 20-25 min commute to mid-town or 25-30 min to downtown NYC with public transportation (multiple buses/PATH/light rail serve the area) • Very affordable living (common to have 2-3 bedroom apartments for $1200-$1700/month or to buy condos/townhomes in the $200s – low $400s) • Open-minded, non-judgmental, warm, and diverse synagogue community (wide variety of ethnic and observance backgrounds) • Semi-urban living style: easy to have a car yet walkable area • Growing community where your presence makes a huge difference and you can help shape the community • Inheritors of beautiful 100+ year-old shul building.



Jersey City Heights, NJ