Jacksonville, Florida

March 18, 2013

Jacksonville, FL – http://etzchaim.org Jacksonville is located in Sunny North Florida and has a thriving kehilla for its growing Jewish community. It is fortunate to have many of the necessary ingredients for the infrastructure of the Jewish community including: Thriving Orthodox Shul with stable daily minyan, Orthodox Day School through eighth grade, large eruv, two mikvaos, widely available kosher food and much more. Additionally, Jacksonville is home to a large medical community with several hospitals including the Mayo Clinic. There are many financial companies and banks that are headquartered in Jacksonville that have many jobs available and are looking to hire. Jacksonville also boasts a relatively low cost of living with many homes available for sale within the eruv for under $200,000. It has a great quality of life with great weather, short commutes and close to the beach ! If you are an Orthodox family looking for a better quality of life and do not want to compromise on the Jewish community — Begin Thinking Jacksonville!!


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Name: Rabbi Yaakov Fisch

Email: rabbifisch@etzchaim.org

Phone #: 904-616-8955

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Email: steve@28adar.com

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Jacksonville, FL